New Song at the 100Tacovid

New Song at the $100Taco

AtlAtl playing the 'new song' (last song we finished writing and playing together) in tulsa in january 2005. Dennis pagano played keyboards on this song…
hawktrainer Mar 25, 2006
Hoth at the 100Tacovid

Hoth at the $100Taco

AtlAtl playing the song 'hoth' in Tulsa in january 2005.
hawktrainer Mar 25, 2006
hawktrainer at the 100 Tacovid

hawktrainer at the $100 Taco

this is AtlAtl playing in tulsa. The song is called 'hawktrainer' which daniel named in honor of me. thanks d. Our good friend Dennis Pagano plays…
hawktrainer Mar 25, 2006
atlatl practicevid

atlatl practice

this was a song that never saw the light of day, and we never made it past the first 30 seconds or so of the…
hawktrainer Mar 25, 2006
standing around, eating from bowlsvid

standing around, eating from bowls

this was jess' idea. i am a great actor.
hawktrainer Feb 04, 2006
chair projectvid

chair project

this is the project i am working on right now. a chair for two people with two 15" woofers and a 300watt amplifier. the woofers…
hawktrainer Feb 04, 2006


video i made to present a design idea to my boss at the time. this was part of an office space-planning project - a small…
hawktrainer Feb 04, 2006
welcome to tulsavid
landing in dallasvid
flying over houstonvid
taking off in houstonvid
i wish we had hot tricycle action in the USAvid
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About Me:

my interests:
art, architecture, music
my blog:
victorious triumphantry

my cameras:
leica digilux (most of these pics taken with this- i am in love with this camera), pentax zx-10 (a great camera), polaroid sx-70 (like the eames!), polaroid spirit, polaroid i-zone.

I am a grad student in the architecture studio at Cranbrook Academy of Art. I am from Tulsa, OK originally.


making stuff, architecture, art, music, design of all kinds, travelling, vegetarianism/veganism/animal rights, sociology, urbanism, cultural studies, DIY culture, making stuff, the internet, making stuff.

Favorite Music:

lots os stuff... always changing. lately: early 80's easy listening & soft rock. silver jews, pavement, david bowie, bonnie tyler, lightning bolt, hella, tiny hawks, north of america, dilute, jeromes dream, stop it!!, el minotaur, little wings, grandaddy, daughters, postal service, lionel richie, christopher cross, michael mcdonald, phil collins, thiswastheyeartolosefriends, explosions in the sky, godspeed you! black emperor, aphex twin, squarepusher, journey, al pagano, ghosts

Favorite Movies:

anything by wes anderson, pt anderson, or christopher guest, north fork, true stories, back to the future, the original star wars trilogy, office space, michael moore films, the neverending story, the dark crystal, spinal tap, DIY band documentaries like lightning bolt or friends forever

Favorite TV Shows:

i don't get to watch much TV, but when i do i enjoy stuff on the discovery channel or the history channel, and stuff like monster garage or monster house. Conan o brian is hilarious.

Favorite Books:

art and architecture monographs, art and architecture theory and history, history, philosophy, sociology, actual air by david berman, readymade magazine, found magazine